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Delivering With Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Pacific Transfer has invested in state-of-the-art online tracking and reporting tools that enhance our customers’ experience while increasing operational efficiencies.

Online Tracking and Reporting Tools

Heart Pulse

Track all your containers and shipments in real-time


Get detailed shipping information and access to actual shipment documents

Shipping Container Icon

Receive automated email notification of container trip


Receive automated equipment control and order information

Full Fleet GPS

Pacific Transfer is proud to possess one of the most cutting-edge and connected fleets in Hawaii.

Our vehicles are all fitted with GPS technology and dash cameras, enabling us to quickly adapt to any situation and enhance customer satisfaction. This not only improves fleet effectiveness but also increases safety.

Pacific Transfer Truck

Dispatch Systems

Pacific Transfer has invested in advanced tracking and reporting tools that improve the experience and visibility for our customers and increases operational efficiency.

Utilizing GPS technology, we are able to provide accurate unit location, real-time communication and driver tracking, live tracking links, and real-time and historical arrival and departure information.

Pacific Transfer employee on the computer using dispatch systems.

Warehouse Systems

To meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations, we have incorporated warehouse management software that optimizes our fulfillment capabilities and offers real-time, accurate inventory management.

Our industry-leading warehouse management system grants us and our customers complete visibility over inventory and allows us to coordinate the utilization of resources and the flow of materials.